When is TA Global Gathering?

TA Global Gathering will be taking place on July 8th and 9th with 4 unique live episodes at 10 am BST, 2 pm BST, 6 pm BST and 00:00 am BST. Check out the agenda here and the times of all the episodes here.

How do I join?

First, make sure you are registered. To register, please follow this link. Once you are registered, you will be able to access the event 15 minute before each episode by following the same link.

Will it be recorded?

The full event will be on-demand afterwards for everyone registered. If you can’t make the event live, make sure to register anyway to watch afterwards in your own time.

How does the platform work?

To watch TA Global Gathering, follow this link. This is the lobby, which will give you access to each individual room. Click on the room you wish to watch (you will be able to return to the lobby and change rooms at any point). Once in the room, you can watch the presentations, download resources, chat to fellow attendees in the group, participate in polls and donate to the Covid emergency fund. 

Watch a quick tutorial of the platform here.

How do the roundtable sessions work?

After the sessions, some speakers will be running roundtable discussions which you can join to ask the speaker questions and discuss a dedicated topic with fellow peers. These will be run on Zoom and at the end of the talks individual Zoom links will be sent via the group chat to join. These will be limited to 10 participants in order to keep them engaging so make sure to join fast!

Can I ask a speaker a question?

You can join the roundtable discussions after the sessions to ask the speaker any questions you may have.

Can I watch on my phone?

Yes, you can watch the event on any device. However, we do recommend using a large screen as there will be a lot going on.

How to donate to the Covid Emergency Fund?

If you would like to make a donation to the Covid Emergency Fund, you can do so easily by clicking on the ‘Donate Now’ button available on the event console.

Where is the agenda?

You can see the full agenda here.

Where can I see the social wall?

Check out what others are saying on the social wall here.

I can’t access the event, what should I do?

If you can not access the event, please make sure you are registered.

If you are registered and still can’t access, please refresh your page and follow this link

If you still can’t access the event, please contact Francesca on francesca@recruitmentevents.co

I am in the lobby, what should I do now?

Once you are in the lobby, choose the room you’d like to watch and click on the tent to access. You will be able to return to the lobby and change rooms at any time.

How can I chat to the other attendees?

If you’d like to chat with the other attendees, you can do so on the group chat. Open it from the dock bar and start chatting.

How to move from one room to another?

You can select which room you wish to enter from the lobby. If you are already in a room, just click on the ‘Return to Lobby’ tent to go back and change rooms.

I am having problems with my video or sound, what should I do?

Please contact support from your console.

I am getting a flash-player sign, what should I do?

My screen had stopped showing the event, what should I do?

Please refresh your screen, if the issue hasn’t been fixed please contact support on your console.

What details will be shared if I answer polls?

Polls are totally anonymous, no details will be shared with others about your replies.

My console does not fit on my screen, what should I do?

Based on your screen size and your browser settings, you may need to zoom in or out. Please adjust accordingly.

I am still having technical problems, what should I do?

If you are still having problems in joining the event, please contact Francesca on francesca@recruitmentevents.co